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Welcome to Brunel University London's VerifyAward service

This service allows graduates of Brunel University London to access and view their qualification details and documents securely online on the University's validation website.

Graduates will additionally be able to directly authorise employers, recruitment agencies, educational institutions and other Third Parties to view and verify the authenticity of these details and documents on the validation website without the need for the Third Party to contact the University in the first instance; however a charge will apply to the Third Party for this service.

The majority of graduate information provided on the site covers students awarded after September 1998; however, we are constantly adding earlier students to our database. Therefore, if you were awarded before this period you should contact the Awards Team to see if it is possible to upload your award information onto this platform.

For additional assistance, please visit our
Awards, certificates and verifications website. If you have any questions please contact us at awards-alumni@brunel.ac.uk.


To enable a Third Party to use the validation website to verify a University Graduate’s qualification details and documents, a Third Party, once authorised by a Graduate to access the Graduate’s nominated records, can do so, subject to paying a £25 (excluding VAT) fee. All usage of the validation website is subject to the University’s terms of use

As required by the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 (‘the Sanctions Act’); we are unable to take payments from countries, regimes, entities or persons currently under sanction by the UK Government or through resolutions passed by the UN Security Council. More information on sanctions can be found here

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Alumni & Graduates

Log into your document dashboard to:

  • View your certificate
  • View your study and award details
  • View your Transcript of Studies or HEAR document (*if available)
  • Share your degree documents with employers, educational institutions, recruitment agencies and other third parties


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Third Parties

Connect with alumni or graduates to:

  • Verify their attendance at Brunel University London
  • Validate their qualifications
  • View their certificate
  • View their study and award details
  • View their Transcript of Studies or HEAR document (*if available)
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* Transcripts or HEARs may not be available for every student. Transcripts will be available for most Intermediate Undergraduate awards and Postgraduate Students awarded from Sept 2013. 

HEARs are only available for full-time Undergraduate students who enrolled Sept 2012 onwards and were awarded a full Bachelors degree from 2015 onwards.